28th November 2019

U-GIS, LandScope’s Underground GIS Platform  

As utility mapping techniques evolve and mapping standards improve the need for a more dynamic data delivery platform is rapidly developing within the utility industry.

There will always be a requirement for the traditional delivery packages such as AutoCAD/Microstation/PDF etc. These are required for accurate design and modelling. However, not everyone has access to these expensive software packages, and they often only enable you to view a small sub-set of file types.

At the point of delivery in these traditional survey packages, the costly site work and processing has been completed. For a small fee, your data can be re-purposed and collated into a single geographical interface such as Orbit GT.

The advantages are as follows:

Fig.1. 360 Degree Manhole Photography within Orbit

Fig.2. 360 Degree Street View Imagery with Utilities Overlaid

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