Integrated Systems


Solutions to View and Combine 3D Data Sets

Our solution ensures you get the most of your geospatial data holding with the potential to add further value by combining with point cloud, imagery and mobile mapping content.

Embedding 3D Content

The data used to inform asset managers and operations may be derived from a variety of sources and utilised in existing GIS, Asset Management and CRMS systems. We are able to fully embed our 3D mapping solutions into these with the use of 3rd Party plugins and APIs.

The Future is the Cloud

Serving, hosting and publishing 3D data in the cloud offer significant benefits where an organisation may face IT limitations. This approach brings the benefits of data sharing and full visibility of the data.

Asset Identification – Above and Below Ground

LandScope work with clients and software developers to provide a complete above and below ground and above water and below water modelling solution to fully understand asset condition and performance.