Asset Modelling

Suite of applications from entry level through to production and pro level providing users with the tools and functionality to visualise, extract and measure features from the 3D mapping content.

Intuitive Asset Extraction Workflow

Extract features through single “point click and map” methodology or triangulation measurement with the option to utilise the automatic surface, ridge and corner recognition tools. Assign attribution, snapshots, documents and hold metadata.

Smart Tools for 3D Visualisation and Measurement

Standard GI tools are available within all feature extraction software which includes the ability to navigate and zoom within the panoramic imagery and point cloud in addition to the ability to import GIS vector data from and export to third party GIS or CAD applications.

Basic Version

Feature Extraction Basic – this allows users to manually extract features from the mobile mapping content (LiDAR and imagery) and convert these features into registered objects.

Standard Version – Desktop of Client Server

Feature Extraction Standard (Production) – this allows users to extract features from the mobile mapping content in a client-server arrangement ideally suited to manage a team of operatives extracting features in multiple themes to populate a centralised spatial asset inventory.

Professional Version

Feature Extraction Pro – this mirrors Feature Extraction Standard but additionally has built in tools for clash detection, volumetric analysis, contour line generation and profiles / cross section analysis.