Import, Manage and Organise 3D Mapping Data

An application to organise, manage and optimise 3D data, post-acquisition, thus enabling the user to import and further process data from the Topcon IP-S3, other vendor mobile mapping systems and other vendor LIDAR and imagery mobile, indoor, uav and terrestrial mapping acquisition systems.

Optimisation Tools

In built software tools to improve data through semi-automated point cloud cleaning and noise removal.

Access and Share 3D Geospatial Datasets

Standard tools are also available for merging, extracting and exporting mobile mapping content for use in third party software or for publishing through the Orbit on premises Publisher solution or the SaaS cloud based online platform, 3dmapping.cloud.

Improve Positional Accuracy and Adjust Trajectory

An intuitive environment to increase the positional accuracy by trajectory adjustment against measured Ground Control Points for both constraining and check point verification.