GIS Management & Optimisation


Asset Extraction

Using 3D mapping data enables users to accurately extract GI features commonly presented as points, lines or polygons using a simple ‘point, click and map’ technique designed for rapid geo-database population.

Data Management

Highly detailed and geo-referenced asset inventories are a reliable and robust source of data to accurately forecast and deliver on asset life-cycle planning and asset investment plans. We work on programmes to harvest data from different sources, acquire data with repeatable accuracies to help with historical and future asset performance analysis and encourage a central repository for asset data to drive decision making.

Data Optimisation

We offer solutions to manage large data sets for practical implementation from the desktop, via the web or on mobile devices. Additionally, we use advanced software processing techniques including SLAM routines, point cloud cleaning, positional accuracy improvement and streaming to encourage use across a wide range of disciplines.

Efficiencies through Value Added Data

Often single survey campaigns capture geo-referenced data for everything in view, thus enabling multiple users in multiple departments and in multiple organisations to access such a resource ultimately increases efficiencies and encourages data sharing.