Data & System Integration


How we Manage Assets

The provision of 3D mapping data enables users to accurately map, visualise, manage, inspect and assess asset condition creating evidence based data to form the backdrop of informed investment decisions and improved service delivery.

Sensor Integration 

Using a range of survey techniques and sensors including mobile mapping, mobile GPR, laser scanning, UAV and multibeam scanning sonar, LandScope may provide an integrated solution in environments be it urban, carriageway, marine or from the air. 

Vendor Independence

autoMAP is a multi-vendor and multi-platform service supporting open standards, all types of mobile data (e.g. Topcon, 3D Laser Mapping, Trimble MX8, earthmine), all spatial / relational databases and a comprehensive range of vector, raster, image and LiDAR data.

Compatibility and Sharing

We work with the very latest industry standard software to maximise data interoperability and compatibility to ensure that we are able to deliver data in formats that directly feed into existing client workflows or third-party applications e.g AutoCAD, ArcGIS.