Data Acquisition

As a LandScope service, autoMAP is able to deploy specialist in-house survey teams to acquire a wide range of survey and GIS data sets. With many years of survey experience, LandScope have developed bespoke methodologies capable of delivering industry standard formats for all software packages including Autodesk, Bentley, Orbit, ESRI, Solidworks, Graphisoft, and many more. 


Mobile Mapping

Utilising the latest mobile mapping technologies, LandScope is able to offer high accuracy data in the form of high density point cloud and high-resolution photography. The resultant data set has wide ranging applications including topographic survey, asset inventory, visualisation and modelling. The flexibility of the mounting system allows for deployment on road, rail and water, ensuring all environments can be mapped.

UAV/Drone Survey

We are able to offer a comprehensive aerial survey service for both mapping and inspection purposes. Utilising both fixed wing and multi-rotor UAV’s – selected depending on the survey objective and size of acquisition area – to produce highly accurate, high resolution imagery and data which can be brought into existing systems for analysis and interpretation. 

Buried Utility Mapping

LandScope can deliver high quality buried utility surveys to a variety of specifications including PAS128. Combining ground penetrating radar with traditional electromagnetic location (EML), it is possible to deliver a comprehensive survey which includes for not only utilities but also buried features, voids and surfaces. Bespoke processing workflows, including mobile ground penetrating radar, allow us to provide an efficient and cost effective service.

Hydrographic Survey

It is with the benefit of diverse hydrographic experience gained over thirty years that LandScope are able to provide a wide range of high order inshore and near-shore surveys. Utilising sensors from R2Sonic, Teledyne and CEE Systems, it is possible to complete a detailed visual asset inspection without the need for divers in the water. Each survey benefits from a bespoke design ensuring that the most appropriate survey resources are deployed.

Underwater Structure Inspection

The application of multi-beam sonar technologies allow LandScope to offer a comprehensive visualisation and modelling service for underwater assets and structures to aid ongoing maintenance programmes or reactive post-event analysis. LandScope are able to integrate above and below water data sets to provide a compelling and complete 3D model deliverable of what is often an inaccessible and challenging survey environment. 

Pavement Inspection

The asset in this case is the pavement, carriageway or foot-way condition data which may be derived from mobile mapping – above ground (e.g. potholes, linework condition etc.) and mobile GPR – below ground (e.g. pavement thickness, voiding, cracking, delamination etc.).