The provision of rich geo-referenced data, acquired using the latest technologies, provides a detailed 3D world from which railways infrastructure managers may map, model and visualise assets as part of Asset Life Cycle Management and ISO55001 compliance. Effective asset management is achievable through informed decision making and a better understanding of what assets an organisation has, where they are located and what condition they are in. 


Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment

Data with an accurate positional accuracy is fundamental to locate track and lineside assets. It is also extremely useful to have tools to visualise and assess condition, perform accurate relative measurements e.g. tunnels and bridge modelling and clearances, geo-tag and map features such as signals, platform and station furniture, lighting, OLE cabling lineside operating equipment and vegetation.

Integration of Existing Systems and Data

Our solution is built on data compatibility and, where possible, integrating and augmenting existing data into applications such as Bentley Microstation 3D or AutoCAD. Bringing the data together to aid completeness, perform cross sections, bridge modelling, cable profiling, asset inventories ensures the maximum value is derived from existing or newly acquired data.

Advanced Acquisition Solutions

The use of high-precision terrestrial laser scanners, UAV’s and mobile laser scanners – either externally mounted on the front of the engine or through the use of a RailRover – allows for accurate and rapid data collection. This is revolutionising the data acquisition process in such a challenging, often inaccessible environment bringing significant benefits including removal of survey personnel from the track and / or embankment.

Project Design and Consultancy

Our service enables rail organisations with solutions to meet their railway asset infrastructure requirements ranging from virtual rail modelling and measurement including clearance detection and risk, creating geo-referenced rail asset inventories and assessing vegetation infringement and foliage risk.