Ports, Harbours and Waterways

Infrastructure asset management in and around the various waterways of the United Kingdom can prove challenging. Yet today cost effective management of these environments can be achieved by working efficiently with intuitive software and complete data sets. LandScope’s service autoMAP aims to bring together legacy data with the latest data acquisition technology and software to create a truly versatile and functional asset infrastructure database.


Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment 

autoMAP is able to meet the ever-increasing demand to manage assets throughout ports and harbours and along waterways. This is achieved by providing bespoke solutions for asset management including inventory development, condition inspection and visualisation. autoMAP offers an end-to-end solution to ensure objectives are met with efficiency.

Integration of Existing Systems and Data

We appreciate the value of legacy datasets and systems and ensure that maximum value is retained from such. Often data may be re-harvested with rigorous validation and quality control measures to ensure the most cost effective asset management solution. 

Project Design and Consultancy

Our proficient and knowledgeable team are available to offer support and consultancy throughout the project lifespan. From inception and planning through to delivery and management, the autoMAP service ensures a professional level of care and training are delivered and your project flows efficiently.

Advanced Acquisition Solutions

Utilising the latest technologies a wide variety of geospatial data sets can be acquired  both above and below the waterline. Mobile mapping photography and point cloud can be captured quickly and accurately using the Topcon IP-S3 mobile mapping system, mounted on either vehicle or vessel, whilst multibeam sonar systems allow for visualisation and condition assessment below the water.