19th January 2016

Racing On!

autoMAP has been featured on Location Source with a published article detailing the recent deployment of the system to the Isle of Man to map the TT and Southern 100 routes.

The content featuring on Location Source can also be found below:

“LandScope has been contracted by the Isle of Man government to create a highways feature asset spatial database with individual feature snapshots. This will allow for an accurate data holding of what assets are possessed, allowing for the development of an effective programme of maintenance planning, and visibility of such assets without the need to visit site.

It is envisaged that, following our creation of the initial inventory, further asset extraction can be undertaken in-house by the government.

Such an innovative approach to data acquisition brings benefits in that one campaign can satisfy many different customer requirements. In this instance, due to accuracies achieved during the targeted control campaign, it will be possible for the data to be utilised for 3D modelling, gaming and simulation purposes.”

Further information on autoMAP‘s applications can be viewed in LandScope’s newsletter.

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