24th March 2016

Oxfordshire County Council takes the next step for Asset Inventory

autoMAP-OCC-Implementation-ModelWe are pleased to announce Oxfordshire County Council’s recent procurement of Orbit’s mobile mapping software.

Further to the acquisition of mobile LiDAR and 360⁰ panoramic imagery for the creation of a full and detailed asset inventory, Oxfordshire County Council have now commenced phase two of their project, involving the large scale roll out of Orbit Geospatial software in a number of departments throughout their organisation.

To ensure we met the objectives set out by Oxfordshire County Council, the software implementation model has been tailored to allow the highway asset management team to scale up and augment the existing asset inventory through the Orbit Geospatial software.

The use of mobile mapping data and software has provided Oxfordshire County Council with a platform to manage their highway assets efficiency and provide the evidence required to obtain the best fund banding possible through the Department for Transport Highways Maintenance Capital Funding Self-Assessment Programme.


With the collection, management and interpretation of mobile mapping data being increasingly used for the delivery of essential services, we are currently standardising our mobile mapping processing techniques and workflows through the use of Orbit Content Manager. Orbit Content Manager is a powerful tool for organising, checking, cleaning and improving mobile mapping data, with the ability to:
Further technical information on Orbit Content Manager can be found on Orbit’s website or you can contact our autoMAP team with any questions.


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