9th February 2018

Powerful 3D Data Viewing with GT Cloud

As the UK Reseller of Orbit GT software, we are pleased to announce the very latest developments with Orbit 3D Mapping Cloud.

The SaaS platform offers powerful 3D data viewing, integration and sharing capabilities. The 3D Mapping cloud provides an online platform to meet wide ranging 3D mapping needs by combining resources such as 360/planar imagery and LiDAR/DSM point cloud from different acquisition sensors e.g. mobile mapping, UAV, terrestrial scanning etc.

3D Mapping Cloud offers the following advantages:

  1. no additional hardware costs
  2. cross device compatibility (internet enabled)
  3. accessible from any location via an internet enabled device
  4. workflow integration by utilising the free SDK or a”ready made” plugin to integrate the 3D Mapping Cloud into your preferred application, host or website

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