About autoMAP

autoMAP is part of the LandScope Engineering service portfolio.

LandScope established itself in 2004 on the basis of fifteen years of survey and data management experience. Since incorporation, LandScope has secured its position as a quality service provider to the built infrastructure, engineering and environmental sectors. 

Our people are responsible for our success. Continued professional development across all disciplines ensures that both our team and our service levels continually evolve. We operate an ISO9001 registered quality management system, designed and implemented by our operational staff. This ensures that our operational approach is both relevant and efficient in providing a quality service.

The profile of LandScope has been developed to ensure that the right solution is found to your specific requirement. We conduct all of our work with the highest regard for personal safety and respect to the natural environment. The principal objectives of the autoMAP service are to:

  • Provide an end to end infrastructure asset management service to transform the approach to asset management and ensure our clients have the data and tools available to deliver the best possible plans
  • Utilise the latest ‘smart’ technologies for data acquisition, processing, extraction, integration and delivery to transform and bring efficiencies to asset management / inventory projects
  • To ensure an innovative and fit-for-purpose approach is taken for effective asset management, particularly asset condition and inspection through integrated 3D survey and visualisation services and with Orbit Geospatial software solutions